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We have updated the Frequently Asked Questions with the commonly asked questions. We have created sub-categories of questions: General Flag Football QuestionsRegistration Related QuestionsCoaching Related QuestionsGame/Season Related Questions, and Playoff Related Questions. Hope this information helps you find the answers you need.

Coaching Related Questions

Q: I'm interested in coaching. Who should I contact? 

Q: Are there resources for the coaches? 

General Flag Football Questions

Q: Why should my child play Flag football?

  • With the increase of concussions and head injuries in tackle football Flag Football Silicon Valley gives your child a much safer way to play football.
  • It also will help teach him or her, the fundamentals of the game.
  • Learning to play the game the right way will help your child prevent injuries in the future when they decide to play contact football.
  • Your child will also be provided with lifetime memories of meeting former and current NFL Players.

Q:  What are the divisions?

  • Pre-K - Kinder
  • 1st-2nd Grade
  • 3rd-4th Grade
  • 5th-6th Grade
  • 7th-8th Grade

Q: How many players will be on each team?

  • 6-10 players are on each team

Q: When/Where will games be played? 

  • Games will be played on Friday nights in San Jose.  Check the registration page for the dates and game location.

Q: How long are the games? 

  • The games are played with 4 quarters, 10 minute running clock, forty minute game play.

Q: How long is the season? 

  • It can vary but typically a season is 7 weeks long, including playoffs. Each team makes the playoffs! 

Q: What is the refund policy? 

  • Full Refunds (for those who are NOT using a credit) given within 7 days of registration. Last refunds are eligible for processing one week after the close of the season's registration. 
  • Cancellations after 7 Days and up to the week after the season close will be given a credit towards a future season
  • After the week after the season closes, no refunds or credits will be provided
  • Exception to the refund/cancellation policy is a severe injury/illness with a legitimate Doctor’s note provided prior to Game 1 of the Season
  • If your registration is refunded after the jerseys and additional items are ordered, you will be refunded less the cost of the jersey ($60) and any additional items you have purchased. 

Q: I didn't know about your refund policy. Are there any exceptions? 

  • We are upfront about our refund policy. It is on the registration page as well as an acknowledgement within the registration. 

Registration Related Questions

Q: Can you request teammates? 

  • Yes, you can! Within our registration, you are able to request coaches and teammates. Please include their correct first and last name. 
  • If you have already completed the registration, you are able to update these details (as long as registration is open). 
  • Once registration closes, you will no longer be able to make friend and coaches requests.

Q: How much does it cost? 

  • This depends on the season and division you will play. 
  • Look at the “Register” tab for the current league registration information and prices. 

Q: When is extra equipment we ordered available? 

  • All extra equipment will be packaged with the jerseys, which your coach will pick up before the first game. If you are missing an item after the Jerseys have been distributed, please check with the Flag Football Silicon Valley tent at the game location. They will have any missing or backordered items. Ordered footballs and mouthguards can be picked up at the Flag Football Silicon Valley tent. 

Q: I ordered the wrong jersey size for my child. 

  • If the registration is not closed, you are able to log in to your account and adjust the jersey size within the registration.
  • Once we order the jerseys, if you need a replacement jersey, the cost will be $60. If your registration is refunded after the jerseys are ordered, you will be refunded less the cost of the jersey and any additional items you have purchased. 

Q: I forgot to add a friend/coach request to my registration.

  • When registration is still open, you are able to go in and edit the friend and coaches request by logging into your account. We are not able to do that for you. 
  • If you need directions, please check out
  •  This includes Coaches Requests, Jersey Sizing, Friend Requests, Grade level and more. Essentially anything that is not attached to store item can be edited by the parents. 

Q: I'm interest in buying a helmet. Where can I buy one? 

  • Go to your favorite sporting goods store (e.g. Dick's Sporting Goods) or an online supplier. 


Q: I requested a friend request or a coach request but my player isn't on that team. Why? 

  • Perhaps you requested to be with a player in a lower division. For example If a player is a 6th grader, we will not honor their request to play with a friend in the 3rd-4th grade division.
  • Perhaps you requested to be with a friend who requested to be with a coach, who already has a full team. 
  • Perhaps you requested to be with a coach who has too many requests, so in order to keep the roster at a good number for all players to get equal playing time, we had to move some players to a new team.
  • Perhaps you requested to be with a player or coach who is not registered. 

Sports Engine Related Questions

Q: How do I see my player's team information? 

Q: How do I remove myself from being a fan of a team? 

  • In the app, swipe left on the team's name which will allow you to delete the team from your team's list. You can also uncheck the star in the top right corner when you are on the team page.

Game/Season Related Questions

Q: When will practices be held? 

  • All practices and games are on the SAME DAY - parents need to allocate a 2-hour window of availability each week for their child's involvement in the program. Practice hours take place immediately prior to a participant's scheduled game time.

Q: When will the schedule come out? 

  • The schedule comes out generally the week leading into the season. Typically, younger players will play earlier (around 4:30pm) with the older players playing later (around 7:00pm). It all depends on the number of teams and games to be played.

Q: What are the rules for Flag Football? 

Q: How much will my child play? 

Q: What are the substitution rules? 

Q: I'm not with the right coach. What do I do? 

  • If you requested a specific coach, we do our best to assign you to his/her team. Please keep in mind that the coach has the final say on their roster. Oftentimes, more than 10 kids request a coach and the coach makes the final decision on which kids he keeps. 
  • If you did not have a coaching request, then we add you to a team that is closest to your area. 

Q: My team doesn't have an assigned coach yet. Help! 

  • Given the size of our league, we do encounter a shortage of coaches. Please keep in mind that coaches are volunteers and generally have a child playing on that team. 
  • We do love when a parent steps up to coach when needed. It shows your child and the team support. We do offer resources if you have not coached previously. 
  • On very rare occasion, we are unable to find a coach for a team in which case we do our best to move the players to another team or refund the registration fees. 

Q: I have an assigned coach but I haven't heard from him/her yet. What do I do? 

  • Sports Engine gives you the ability to reach out to your coach through our system. You won't necessarily know his cell number or email but be able to send him/her a message through SE. 
  • If you haven't heard from the coach after that, please contact us via email. 

Q: When does my team need to do a sponsorship? 

  • Teams need to have a sponsorship for all Seasons. Sponsorship dollars are used to help fund scholarships for kids in need, secure permitted practice locations and help pay for the referees. 
  • Sponsorship information can be found at on the website on the Sponsorship tab or on the season Registration Page.

Q. My team can't find a sponsor. What do we do? 

  •  All teams are required to have a team sponsor ($275.00) for all Seasons. If team cannot find a community sponsor, then the $275 fee should be split amongst the team. (Due on or before the first season game)

Q: Do I need the mouthguard for practice? 

  • You don't have to wear a mouthguard to practice although we do recommend it. Mouthguards are strongly recommended for all games. You can order a mouthguard on the registration form or buy one at the NFL tent at the first game.

Q: Do you offer team photos? 

  • We do offer Picture Day during some of the seasons. Teams are assigned by the photographer to a specific time based on the playing schedule. We do not have control over that time. 

Playoff Related Questions

Q: How do you handle playoffs? 

  • All teams will play in the playoffs. We try our best to give each team a good chance to win their division by dividing teams (if possible) during playoffs to Above .500 and .500 and below.

Q: Do all players earn an award? 

  • For divisions Pre/K and 1st/2nd ONLY, we offer awards for all of the kids for participation.
  • The other divisions there are awards for the winning teams.